Sign-Up for KYA Football – Youth Tackle League

Sign-Up for KYA Football, a Youth Tackle League located in North Texas.  Keller is just North of Fort Worth, TX.

Grass Drills are Coming up Soon

July 28th & August 4th

Grass Drills – This is a coach’s look in preparation for the draft held on the west field of the KYA Sports Park. It is run without pads and you can see a video of what it entails at or on Facebook. You only need to attend one based on the player’s last name or if you can’t make it, you can go to the other as an alternate date – either July 28th or August 4th. Run Times are as follows:

Mite: 9am – 10am – arrive at 8:30 am
Bantam: 10am – 11am – arrive at 9:30 am
Junior: 11am – Noon – arrive at 10:30 am
Senior: Noon – 1pm – arrive at 11:30 am

KYA Football Fall 2018
Join one of the premier recreation programs in the entire DFW area offering Fall and Spring Recreation tackle football! For more info visit

Registration fee for KYA Football includes game uniform (Jersey, Pants, & helmet decals). Registration fee is $165 and there is a $30 non-Keller resident fee. Sing up now at Try outs 7/28 and 8/4 – Deadline 8/6. Practices begin 8/13/18.

KYA Sports / KYA Football

KYA Football Important Dates Fall 2018

7/24/2018 Uniform Sizing 6-8 pm KYA Field House
7/25/2018 Referee Clinic and Uniform Selection *REQUIRED (Coaches)
7/28/2018 Grass Drills (Last Name A-M) KYA Field #2 (West)
7/31/2018 Uniform Sizing 6-8 pm KYA Field House
8/2/2018 Uniform Sizing 6-8 pm KYA Field House
8/4/2018 Grass Drills (Last Name N-Z) KYA Field #2 (West)
8/8/2018 Registration Closes
8/10-11/2018 Player Draft – Coaches Only
8/12/2018 FINAL Uniform Sizing 4-7 pm KYA Field House
8/13/2018 Practices Begin
9/5/2018 Official Weigh-in
9/8/2018 First Game of Season
10/3/2018 Mid-Season Weigh-in
11/10/2018 Super Bowls

NTX Football League - KYA Football

Sign Up today at KYA Football.



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